Working From Home

Home Office Makeover

Remodeling Your Home Office

Are you one of the lucky folks that gets to office from home every single day?  Some people love it, some hate it, and not matter which side of the fence you are on, and there will be some time when you may need to remodel your home office.   No matter if you use it every day, or once a month to sit down and pay monthly bills, your home office needs to be functional, efficient, and it doesn’t hurt to make it beautiful.

Home Office

What is the best layout for your office design?

If you are working from your office every day, you need to create a space that is not only functional, but one that sparks your creativity.   Ideally you will have a space dedicated specifically as your office, but if space is limited you may need to pair your home office with a guest room, or a nook in your living room or kitchen area.   There are so many options for you to pick the best design and it will depend on your living situation as to how much space you can dedicate for your home office.

No matter where you choose to set up shop, you need to think of the layout for your office so that you have ample access to electricity to connect all of your equipment.  Think of where you need to put things like your computer and monitor, printer, wifi access points, etc.   Also make sure you are able to place your monitor so it will not have a glare on the screen during the day.  Depending on the layout of the room, it may be necessary to also have lamps placed in strategic locations in order to provide you with ample amount of lighting.

Make it Comfortable

Since you will most likely be spending countless hours in your office each week, you will want to make sure you make it comfortable as well as functional.   Invest in a nice comfortable desk and chair.  Make sure you provide yourself with a chair that has excellent lumbar support.  You may also consider investing in a desk that will raise and lower so you can stand at times throughout the day.  You will be glad that you spent the extra money once you get used to working standing up.   Alternating standing and sitting can help to make you so much more productive.


Storage for Your Office

Staying organized in your home office will be key for success.  I don’t know of anyone that likes working in a cluttered area, so having ample storage space will allow you to stay as organized as possible.  You should invest in a nice storage cabinet that fits with your décor to help keep your office nice and organized.

Depending on the type of work you are doing from home, having a nice bookshelf to keep your books organized will not only give your office a nice professional look and feel, but will help you with keeping things organized.


How to Decorate Your Office

Everyone has their own style when it comes to decorating.   If you have the ability to hire an interior decorator then you can leave it up to his or her expertise to make your office look its best.  If you do not have the luxury of having a decorator do the work, then here are a few ideas of things to decorate with:

  • Framed photos of your family
  • Awards from work
  • Travel souvenirs
  • Paper trays
  • Magazine Holders
  • Trash Can
  • Bulletin board
  • White board

For the things like magazine holders, trash cans etc, try to purchase items that accent the rest of the decore.  Maybe that is something bring and crazy, or something more elegant.  Go with what fits best with your current decore.    Keep in mind that when you are thinking of decorating ideas, always think of things that will keep your area most functional, but also items that will motivate you throughout the day

Last Tip

Make some time to get out from time-to-time.   Working from home can be fun and something you really enjoy, but you do need to make time every once in a while to go have lunch with some of your friends, or stop to take a break to walk around the block.  When you were working in an office away from home you made time to visit with friends at the water cooler or go to the gym, so treat yourself to the same luxuries.  Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you have to be held captive in your home all day never to see the light of day.

Here are some funny home improvement bloopers.  Learn from these, and do not let this happen to you.