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The Benefits of Having a Synthetic Turf In Your Backyard

Synthetic Turf Benefits

For the most part, grass just seems to be there.  Most people hardly even think about it–until they own a home with a yard.  Suddenly, the grass is no longer a stationary piece of landscape, but a living, breathing entity that must be cared for.  Believe it or not, there are other alternatives to natural grass: a synthetic turf.   Looking for a professional opinion on this, we turned to Ernest from Synthetic Turf Dallas to understand the benefits of installing turf.

The benefits of installing synthetic turf in your backyard are various: it saves time, money and is environmentally-friendly.

A Time-Saver: One major benefit that comes with a synthetic turf is having a maintenance-free backyard.  The time that is spent during the spring and summertime out mowing and weeding is eliminated.  Depending upon the size of the lawn, this can be a huge time saver.  Once the synthetic turf is in place, the only thing the individual has to worry about is making sure it’s durable over the years–something that can be dealt with by buying from a reputable company.
turfA Green Option: Among being maintenance-free, having a synthetic turf is surprisingly good for the environment.  Although at first sight, having a natural grass lawn would seem like the more eco-friendly option, this is not the case.  The truth is, the up-keep on real yards is the problem.  Push mowers can actually cause eleven times more pollution every hour than a car can.  If that wasn’t bad enough, that sprinkler that is required to keep the grass healthy and green are going to account for a third of the residential water.  In dry climates, as the need for more water and more maintenance increases, so do these numbers.  Also, the fertilizers that are often needed in the natural grass–which pollute groundwater–aren’t needed at all for a synthetic turf.  The truth is that even if just a few houses in the neighborhood switched to a synthetic turf, pollution levels would decrease, and the quality of water would increase.

A Great Look: In addition to functionality,  artificial grass also offers the individual an artistic reason for switching.  Despite looking extremely similar to natural grass, artificial grass can be landscaped and changed to fit the homeowner’s needs.  There is no brown discoloration during the dry months or patches of overgrown weeds either.  If someone has kids, this can also be a safety advantage: there’s no holes in the backyard waiting for ankles to be twisted in, or the worry that bare feet could be pricked and poked with crabgrass.  The time also saved just not having to deal with grass-stained clothing or dirty paws that trek in mud and grass may just be worth it.

Overall, the benefits of a synthetic turf outweigh that of a natural one.  You can read more about it at, but the money that is saved not having to buy lawn mowers, weeding equipment, and fertilizer is equally as great as not having to spend time using such equipment.  People in residential areas especially may benefit from a clean, beautiful lawn that surpasses their neighbors and has cleaner air and water as a result.  The grass is not always something thought about until you actually have to deal with, and sometimes the best idea is to look at the best alternative: synthetic turf.