Rain Gutter

How To Clean Your Gutters

Cleaning Gutters

funky guttersWhen it comes to cleaning gutters you are not looking at a basic household chore. Cleaning your gutters can be very dangerous and cumbersome sometimes, but it is very essential if you want a home in good standing. I know of a few personally who put their gutter off for years, resulting in literally thousands of dollars in damage.


With the dangers of falling, slipping, or hurting yourself you must take appropriate precautions by ensuring you are using the right tools and techniques for the job. This article will help you with advice on the basic equipment and technique you can use, as well as how to clean your gutters.

What You Need
You will need items such as a cloth, bucket, gardening shovel, ladder, gloves, drain clearing tool, hose nozzle, and safety glasses. Of course, be in your working attires. Never try to clean if it just rained because it’s very slippery.

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