Remote Worker Time Tracking

Best Way to Track Your Time When Working Temp

This may seem like an odd article for my blog, but as a contract worker, I love sharing when I run across something spectacular.  I have found a new software that will help you tremendously.  If you are a temporary or contract worker you have most likely spent a great deal of time filling out paper timesheets and faxing or scanning them in to send to your employer.  This task in itself can be a full-time job, and actually is no fun at all.   If you are one of the unlucky soles that have to go through these grueling tasks, you should speak with your staffing firm and have them look at investing in the best time tracking solution on the planet.  There is a new software on the market that will revolutionize how you enter time for all of your temporary and contract positions.

The new software allows any third party manager to actually approve your timesheet without having to login to your payroll system.  This is a huge deal for staffing firms and breaks down a barrier that has been looming over the heads of all staffing firms around the country.

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