Cleaning Windows Like A Pro

Do You Do Windows?

Do you want to know how you can clean your windows like a professional and save yourself a few bucks? Here are some handy tips to get your windows spotless and smudge free.

window cleaning

Clean Off Any Excess Dry Dirt or Dust

Before trying to use any wet products to clean your windows first of all you should ensure that there is no dry dirt or dust lingering on or around the window. Dry dirt will become wet dirt which will ultimately cause smears and smudges which will be far harder to get off at a later stage. Similarly, any dust left on the window sill or around the frame will inevitably be disturbed as you clean and the first place it will land is straight onto the window which you are trying to clean. Therefore it is imperative that you use a dry brush or a vacuum cleaner with an extendable nozzle in order to ensure that you get rid of as much of the dust as possible.

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