Cleaning the Baseboards in Your Home

Baseboard Cleaning – Not A Fun Job

Cleaning baseboards is typically not a glamorous task for anyone, but actually cleaning the baseboards is all about making your room look clean and free from dust. It is the kind of task which when finished makes one’s home feel and appear to be better. You may spend much time dusting furniture, cleaning the floor and vacuuming crannies and nooks in your room, but whenever the baseboards are untidy, they will definitely attract attention thereby creating a total impression of neglect and shabbiness. However, it is very simple learning to clean your baseboards at home and should not be one of the huge housekeeping challenges you face in life.


First Step 

Instead of setting out to clean baseboards in all rooms of your house at ago, make a plan with yourself. Every time single time you take out plastic gloves and sponge, you will just clean the baseboards exhaustively in only one room. In this way, the cleaning baseboards task does not become overwhelming. In addition, you should note that baseboards usually accumulate dirt and dust which house chores stir up. In this case, save them for last so that you do not waste effort doing the similar thing twice.

Second Step

Start the process by dusting most of the dirt as much as you can from the room. In case there is a brush attachment in your vacuum, make use of it for suctioning along baseboards’ length while you pay attention towards crevice where trim comes into contact with the floor. In case you do not have the vacuum that has brush attachment, make use of broom for sweeping of the dirt and dust.

Third Step

baseboardsOnce all the loose dust has been removed, start addressing stuck-on grime and stains. Soak a sponge with warm water mixed with soap and start scrubbing every mark you can see. Just in case the baseboards are stained and not painted, you can make use of cleaning solution meant particularly for that purpose.

Fourth Step

Once the grime has been wiped away, you can go ahead to clean the hard reached sports, such as crevice between the flooring and baseboard edge. Pick a swab of cotton, dip it in a cleaner and in a gentle manner, wipe away the dust. In this case, the swab is usually small enough for fitting into the tightest corners and spaces and soaks water quickly enough to clean.

Fifth Step

At this juncture, rub the newly acquired baseboards cleanliness with a fresh dryer sheet. This leaves a fresh laundry smell which lasts for a number of days. In fact, the antistatic characteristics of the sheet usually repel the dust. This may sound like overkill; however, this is a step that can actually pay off.

It is not likely to find that you need cleaning the baseboards on a weekly basis unless you stay in a fraternity home. The baseboards normally have less maintenance when it comes to grand housekeeping schemes. Therefore, if on every time you clean you ensure cleaning the baseboards in just one room, you might never notice them any longer.

Here is a good little video with a few tips on how to clean baseboards.  I thought you may like this one.